Vocational 2022 English Suggestion.

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Vocational 2022 English Suggestion.

Vocational 2022 English Suggestion. In this article we are showing the sample English 2 board question.

বাংলাদেশ কারিগরি শিক্ষা বোর্ডের অধীনে যারা ২০২২ সনে এসএসসি (ভোকেশনাল) বা দাখিল (ভোকেশনাল) পরীক্ষা দিবে তাদের জন্য আজকে আমরা ইংরেজি সাজেশন দেখানোর চেষ্টা করব। চলুন প্রথমে বোর্ড প্রশ্নের অনুরূপ এক সেট ইংরেজি প্রশ্ন দেখে আসি। যেভাবে আমাদের পরীক্ষার হল প্রশ্নের উত্তর করতে হবে। বিশেষ ভাবে লক্ষণীয় যে, এটা একটা নমুনা প্রশ্ন মাত্র।

Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Dhaka

SSC (Vocational) and Dakhil (Vocational) Examination, 2022

Subject: English-2

[According to the rearranged Syllabus]

Time : 2 Hours                                                     Full Marks : 60                                                           

    [N.B. The figures in the right margin indicate full marks. Answer 30 marks from any part]

Part-A Seen and Unseen Comprehension


Seen Passage (Marks-9)

Read the following text carefully and answer the question 1 and 2:

The pioneer of Bangladeshi modern art Zainul Abedin is widely acclaimed for his Bengal Famine Sketches. Through a series of sketches, Zainul not only documented the harsh famine of 1940 but also showed its sinister face through the skeletal figures of the people destined to die of starvation in man-made plight. He depicted these extremely shocking pictures with human compassion. He made his own ink by burning charcoal and using cheap ordinary packing paper for sketching. He produced a series of brush and ink drawings which later became iconic images of human sufferings.

Zainul developed a knack for drawing and painting when he was a high school student. After completing high school, he got admission in the Government School of Art, Calcutta (now Kolkata). He graduated with the first position in first class in 1938. He was appointed teacher of the Art School while he was still a student there. He also attended the Slade School of Arts, London in 1951-52.

Zainul Abedin is considered the founding father of Bangladeshi art. He was an artist of outstanding talent and earned international reputation. For his artistic and visionary qualities, he is referred to as Shilpacharya meaning `great teacher of art’ in Bangladesh. He was the first Principal of the first art school in Dhaka in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He organized the Nabanna (harvest) exhibition in 1969. In the exhibition, a 65-foot long scroll portraying the rural East Pakistan in phases from abundance to poverty. This was symbolic of the artist’s protest and a milestone in demanding cultural and political freedom. Zainul’s style of work is evident in a 30 foot long scroll painting called Manpura which was done to commemorate the death of hundreds and thousands of people in the devastating cyclone of 1970.

He designed the pages of Constitution of Bangladesh. He founded the Fol Art Museum a Sonargaon, and also Zainul Abedin Shangrahasala, a gallery of his own works in Mymensingh in 1975.

The river Brahmaputra plays a predominant role in his paintings and a source of inspiration all through his carrer. Much of his childhood was spent near the scenic beauty of the river Brahmaputra. A series of water colors the Zainul did as his tribute to the river earned him Governor’s Gold Medal in an all-India exhibition in 1938. This was the first time when he came into spotlight and this award gave his the confidence to create his own visual style.

Zainul was born in Kishoreganj on 29 December 1914 and died on 28 May 1976.

  • 1. Choose the best answer from the following question.                     1 X 4=4
  • a. Zainul was born in……
    • (i) Kaliganj               (ii.) Keraniganj       (iii). Kishoreganj     (iv). Manikganj
  • b. Zainul designed the pages of Constitution of………
  • Bangladesh                   (ii) India       (iii) Pakistan            (iv) Nepal
  • (c) Zainul developed a knack for………
  • Drawing                   (ii) painting       (iii) fishing                (iv) drawing and painting.
  • (d) Zainul passed away on……….
  • 1974                                   (ii) 1975       (iii) 1976                    (iv) 1996
  • 2. Answer the following question in brief:     .                             1 X 5=5
  • a. What is ‘Shilpacharya’?
  • b. Where did he found the Folk Art Museum?
  • c. Why is Zainul widely acclaimed?
  • d. What plays a resplendent role in his carrer?
  • e. When did he get the: Governor’s Gold Medal?

(Unseen Passage (Marks-9)

Read the text carefully and answer the questions following it

Kazi Nazrul Islam is our national poet. He was also a musician and revolutionary. He was always against fascism and oppression. He was born in a poor family in 1899 in West Bengal, India. At his six, Nazrul was admitted in a local maktab to receive religious education. He lost his father at the age of five. After his father’s death, he worked as a muezzin in a local mosque. At the age of eleven, Nazrul showed his poetic genius. At the age of twelve, he fled from home to Asansol, Bihar and became a baker’s boy. A Muslim sub-inspector of police took this extraordinary boy to his village home in Mymensingh. Narzrul joined Darirampur High School. When he was a boy of class x, the First World War broke out and he joined the army at the age of nineteen. After the war, he returned from the battle field and began to write poems. He was put into jail for writing a poem called `Agnibina’. But he did not stop writing. He wrote short stories, novels and essays. At the age of twenty-two, he edited the bi-weekly paper `Dhumketu’. At the age of 43, he began suffering from an unknown disease, losing his voice and memory. He died in 1976.

  • 3. From your reading of the above passage, fill in the blank with suitable words. Use one word only in each blank.             :         .                            1 X 4=4

Kazi Nazrul is our (a)……poet. He was always aganis facism and (b)…….. He lost his (c) ………at the age of five. His famous (d)………`Bidrohi’ was published in 1920.

  • 4.Summaries the above passage in five sentences.                                                 5

Part B- Grammar (Marks-24)

  • 5. Use the right form of verbs in the following sentences (any four):               1 X 4=4
  • a. My mother……..(read) the Quaran every day.
  • b. You should ……..(speak) the truth.
  • c. At present he ……(stay) with his uncle.
  • d. It……..(to rain) since morning
  • e. If I……..(be) a king
  • f. I……(receive) your letter yesterday.
  • 6. Change the form of speech (any four):                                                         1 X 4=4
  • a. The boy says to me, ‘I am reading now’
  • b. I said to the girl, ‘”What is your name?”
  • c. He said, “I was reading a book”.
  • d. He said, “I have learnt my lesson’.
  • e. I said to you,” You will pass.”
  • f. He said to me, “Let us go out for a walk.”
  • 7. Transform the following sentences as directed: (any four)                              1 X 4=4

a. English is a foreign language (Negative)

b. The boy is lazy (Negative)

c. What is good to help him? (Assertive)

d. This is not a job to be done (Interrogative)

e. I wish I were a writer. (Exclamatory)

f. only Allah can help us. (Negative)

  • 8. Add tag questions to the following sentences: (any four)                                 1 X 4=4

        a. Let’s play football………..?

        b. He does not have a pen,…….?                        

        c. Nobody phoned,……..?

        d. Give me a book,……..?

        e. I don’t play football,…….?

        f. Nothing is impossible, ………?  

9. Use correct punctuation marks and capital letters in the following passage: 4

 On 16 december 1971 we gained our victory we must prayto god because it is his     blessings for which we are independent now.

10.Using the connectors form the box given below, fill in the blanks (any four): 4

untilasunlessSo that
ssc vocational english 2 sample question 2022
  1. ——— he is poor, he is honest.
  2. She does not go to school——she is ill.
  3. Do——-die.
  4. ———I were a king.
  5. This is the book ——–I want.
  6. Wait here———I return.

Part C- Composition (Marks-18)

  • 11. (a) Write a short composition on “ Your aim in life”                                            1 X 9=9
  • Or,

(b) Read the beginning of the following story and complete it in your own way. Give a suitable title to it.

One a farmer had a goose. It used to lay a golden egg every day. The farmer used to sell them in the market and within a short time he became quite solvent. But his wife was very greedy…………

12.(a) Write a dialogue between two friends about the preparation of ssc examination during covit 19 situation.                                                                   1 X 9=9


(b). Look at the chart below. It is about the change of economic condition of Dhaka city. Now, describe the chart in your own words:

TimeLower ClassMiddle ClassHigher Class
papel edu care vocational sample question 2022 (english)


এই ধরনের বোর্ড প্রশ্নের ন্যায় অনুরূপ সকল বিষয় এর প্রশ্ন পাশাপাশি সকল বিষয় এর উত্তর সহ পাপেল এডু কেয়ার সুপার সাজেশন পেতে এখনি কল করুন ০১৭২৩-৪৭৪৪৪২ অথবা ০১৭২৫-১১৭৯৮৮।

আমাদের অনলাইন কোর্সসমূহঃ

১. ডিপ্লোমা ১ম বর্ষ অনলাইন প্রাইভেট প্রোগ্রাম

২. ভোকেশনাল ১০ম শ্রেণির ফাইনাল পরীক্ষার্থীদের অনলাইন প্রাইভেট প্রোগ্রাম

৩. ভোকেশনাল ৯ম শেণির বোর্ড ফাইনাল পরীক্ষা প্রস্তুতিমূলক ক্লাস

সকল কোর্স এর সাথে আমাদের সুপার সাজেশন ফ্রি (উত্তর সহ)

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  1. স্যার,, পরীক্ষায় সর্বোচ্চ বেশি নাম্বার যে পাবে তার জন্য কি কোন প্রাইজ আছে নাকি স্যার??

  2. স্যার বুঝতে পারছিতেছি না মানে এটা কী ভাবে কী করনো।একটু বলেন স্যার

    1. এটা নমুনা ইংরেজি প্রশ্ন । এটা দেখে দেখে বাসায় একটা পরীক্ষা দিয়ে ফেলুন।

      1. উত্তরপএ পিডিএফ লিঙ্ক দিলে ভালো হয়

  3. স্যার ডাইলগ টা কিভাবে লিখব পারতেছি না… ডাইলগ টা জুমে বিস্তারিত আলোচনা করলে ভালো হয়…।

  4. স্যার ডাইলগ টা কিভাবে লিখব পারতেছি না… ডাইলগ টা নিয়ে জুমে বিস্তারিত আলোচনা করলে ভালো হয়…।

  5. স্যার সজ্ঞেশন গুলা পিডিএফ আকারে কিভাবে দেখবো একটু বলবেন

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