SSC Vocational English 2 Suggestions 2022 I 100% common

SSC Vocational English 2 Super Suggestions 2022? Yes, You are in right place. In this post , you can know and learn about papel edu care special super suggestions 2022. Let’s get started.

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SSC or Dakhil Vocational exam 2022 is knocking’s at the door. Hence, our todays post. English 2 is a vital subject for ssc vocational examinee.

Marks distribution of English 2 exam 2022 are:

Seen Comprehension:-                            9

Unseen Comprehension:-                       9

Grammar:-                                                  24

Short composition/story:-                      9

Dialogue/Charts:-                                     9

Total:                                                           60

The students have to answer 50% of total marks that means 30 marks.

SSC Vocational English suggestions Writing Part:

Seen ComprehensionUnseen ComprehensionCompositionDialogue
1. Independence Day 2. Zainul Abedin 3. May Day 4. The Shat Gambuj  RabindranathThe National MemorialWriting in the examinationKazi Nazrul IslamTechnical Education.
Journey by bus.
Aim in life
Papel edu care প্রদত্ত ১টি Dialogue   *উল্লেখ্য যে এই বছর Corona নিয়ে যেকোন একটি বিভাগে একটা প্রশ্ন আসতে পারে।  
vocational english 2 suggestion of writing part

SSC Vocational English Suggestions Grammar part:

  1. Right form of verbs
  2. An honest man never ….. (to tell) a lie. tells
  3. He……. (to read) the book for an hour. has been
  4. Mahbub …….(to post) the letter last week. posted
  5. The man ……..(to die) by accident. died
  6. The children …….(to play) now in the garden. are playing
  7. Rehana…… (to sing) a song before you came. had sung.
  8. One of the boys……… (to be) absent from the class. is
  9. It ………(to rain) for two hours. has raining
  10. It is high time we….(to go) there. went
  11. I wish I …..(to be) a king. were
  12. My father (to go) out just now. has gone
  13. I saw the old man (to sit) sitting.
  14. It is time you (to go) to school. went.
  15. The patient (to die) before the doctor came. had died

সকল বিষয় এর উত্তর সহ ১০০% কমন উপযোগী সুপার সাজেশন পেতে কল করুন

01723-474442 or 01725-117988

Rule-1: Sentence যদি universal truth (চিরন্তন সত্য), Habitual fact (অভ্যাসগত কর্ম) ইত্যাদি বোঝায় তাহলে sentenceটি Present Indefinite Tense হয়। যেমন,

Structure: Subject +verb+object. (Subject 3rd person singular number হলে verb+s/es

  • The earth (move) — round the sun.
    Ans: The earth moves round the sun.
  • The sun (rise) — the east.
    Ans: The sun rises in the east.
  • The sun (set) — the west.
    Ans: The sun sets in the west.
  • An honest man never ……..(to tell) a lie

Ans: tells

  • Hena (to sing)…..a song every morning

Ans: sings.

  • My mother ….(read) the Quran every day.

Ans: reads.

Rule-2: বর্তমানে চলছে এমন কোনো কাজ বোঝালে present Continuous Tense হয়।

Structure: Subject + am/is/are + verb + ing + object.

(এসব ক্ষেত্রে সাধারণত Now, at present, at this moment ইত্যাদি ব্যবহার করা হয়)।

>> Now the students (sing) — the national anthem.
Ans: Now the students are singing the national anthem.

  • The boys (watch) — the television now.
    Ans: The boys are watching the television now.
  • They (enjoy) — a song now.
    Ans: They are enjoying a song now.
  • She ……(to go) now

Ans: is going

Rule-3: কোনো Sentence-এ যদি already, yet, ever, just, just now, recently, lately, recently, today, this week/year, in the mean time, never, ever ইত্যাদি যুক্ত থাকে, তাহলে Sentenceটি Present perfect tense হবে।

Structure: Subject + have/has +V3 (past participle form) + object.

  • Have you ever (be) to Cox-Bazar?
    Ans : Have you ever been to Cox-Bazar?
  • I (receive) the letter just now.
    Ans : I have received the letter just now.
  • He (join) there recently.
    Ans : He has joined there recently.
  • I (not see) you this week.
    Ans : I have not seen you this week.
  • Rabeya (take) — her dinner just now.
    Ans: Rabeya has taken her dinner just now.
  • I (see) — him recently.
    Ans: I have seen him recently.
  • He already (reach) — home.
    Ans: He has already reached home.

Rule-4: সাধারণত Since দ্বারা দুটি Clause যুক্ত থাকলে এবং Since-এর আগের অংশ Present Indefinite/Present perfect tense হলে পরের অংশ Past Indefinite tense হয়। যেমন:
It is many years since he (give) up smoking.
Ans : It is many years since he gave up smoking.

Five years have passed since he (leave) the house.
Ans : Five years have passed since he left the house.

Rule-5: আবার Since দ্বারা Clause যুক্ত থাকলে এবং Since-এর আগে Clause বা বাক্যের অংশ Past Indefinite tense হলে পরের অংশ Verb-এর Past perfect tense হয়।
Many years passed since I (meet) him last.
Ans : Many years passed since I had met him last.

It was many years since I (visit) there.
Ans : It was many years since I had visited there.

Rule-6: সাধারণত It is time, It is high time, wish, fancy ইত্যাদির পরে Subject ও bracket এ মূল Verb থাকলে Verb-এর Past form হয়।

> It is time you (finish) a course on English language.
Ans : It is time you finished a course on English language.

  • I wish I (sing).
    Ans : I wish I sang.
  • I wish I (win)__ the first prize in the lottery.
    Ans: I wish I won the first prize in the lottery.
  • I fancy I (fly)__ among the stars.
    Ans: I fancy I flew among the stars.

Rule-7: As if, as though, wish ইত্যাদি থাকলে Subject-এর পরে be verb-এর পরিবর্তে were বসে।

Structure: Subject + …….+subject + were +………

* He behaves as if he (be) a leader.

 Ans : He behaves as if he were a leader.

  • I wish I (be) a millionaire.
    Ans : I wish I were a millionaire.
  • I wish I (be)……a king.

Ans: I wish I were a king.

  • He speaks as if he (be)__ the owner of the farm.
    Ans: He speaks as if he were the owner of the farm.
  • The man speaks as though he (be)__a leader.
    Ans: The man speaks as though he were a leader.
  • The man speaks as if he (be) __ a landlord.
    Ans: The man speaks as if he were a landlord.
  • If I …..(be) a child again

Ans: If I were a child again.

Rule-8: ‘Since’ বা ‘for’-এর পরে সময় উল্লেখ থাকলে sentenceটি present perfect Continuous Tense হবে। যেমন,

Structure: Subject + have been/has been + verb + ing+ object

> It (rain) — for two hours.
Ans: It has been raining for two hours.

  • It (rain) — since the morning.
    Ans: It has been raining since the morning.
  • We (live) — in Dhaka since 1986.
    Ans: We have been living in Dhaka since 1986.

Rule-9: After-এর পরে এবং before-এর আগের clauseটি past perfect tense হয় এবং অন্য clauseটি past indefinite tense হয়।
The doctor (come) — before the patient came.
Ans: The doctor had come before the patient came.

The doctor came after the patient (die)__.
Ans: The doctor came after the patient had died.

The train left — they had reached the station.
Ans: The train left after they had reached the station.

Rule- 10. অতীতকালের কোন ঘটনা বা অতীতকালের কোন কিছু থাকলে past indefinite tense হয়।

Structure: Subject + V2 (past form) + Object. (আসবেই)

(এক্ষেত্রে সাধারণত yesterday, last day, last hours, last week, previous day, last week, last month, last year ইত্যাদি সূচক শব্দ থাকে।)

  • He……(to come) home yesterday.

Ans: He came home yesterday.

  • He …..(to buy) the book last week.

Ans: He bought the book last week.

  • Robin …..(to post) the letter last week.

Ans: Robin posted the letter last week.

এই রকম কমন উপযোগী গ্রামার এর সকল সংক্ষিপ্ত রুলস পেতে এনরুল করুন

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